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Hot Highlights From Jor’s Instagram

Colombian underwear brand Jor has a great Instagram that is overflowing with stunning models and advice on being sexy, delivered in English and Spanish. It’s as good a reason as any pick up another language if you aren’t already bilingual. Most of their images show a shirtless model with the advice typed over his muscles. Translate the words of wisdom if you must. But perhaps the best way to be sexy would be to just emulate these guys?

As you would expect, the Instagram feed is mainly models showing off their underwear. A few shots of the production process make it in once in a while, as do shots of retail displays showcasing pristine Jor products. Still, most of our favorites are the shots with the models and the text. Not only do they give us some eye candy, but some food for thought as well.


Tommy VII // 35mm 

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So Friggin 90s #MCHammerPants #DunesJoggers #MarekRichard (at


the things i would do to Federico……like break me off a piece of THAT

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Model: Adam Dacre

(C) Rajan Wadhera 2013

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We are trying to hold onto the last days of summer just as much as Diëtz underwear! How are you enjoying the final days? #underwearexpert #diëtz #model #malemodel #fashion #menswear #mensfashion #underwearmodel


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