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Sweet dreams everyone! Joe pace for @timoteostudio. #underwearexpert #timoteo #timoteostudios #joepace #model #malemodel #underwearmodel

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Jor Fall/Winter 2014 Swimwear In Motion

This new video shows off the Jor Fall/Winter 2014 Swimwear Collection. It also shows off a really hot guy with abs. Put the two things together and the results are sexy, super-heated enough to make summer feel like it could last forever. Some of the new swimwear looks feature patterns and others feature some bright, smart color blocking. There are even some looks that are sporty, with stripes that run down the hips. Either way, this hottie can pull them off.

The video looks like a fever dream. The camera catches the light and shakily focuses on the model. We zoom in close to see the details of the swimwear, and closer still to see the details on the model’s skin. We start off poolside with the swimwear looks being shot in their natural environment. But after that, the video gets down to business with the looks being shot in a studio. But either way, this video is the total package when checking out the Jor Fall/Winter 2014 Swimwear Collection.


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The Cocksox Classic Brief in Pink, available at

Heading to any beach destinations this weeked? Pack your Convertible Swim Brief from @timoteostudio! #underwearexpert #timoteo #underwearmodel #model #malemodel #stevendheler

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